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Lawyer in Moldova and Chisinau - Legal experience 25 years.

law services in Moldova Chisinau

Legal services in Moldova and Chisinau - experience more than 25 years



       This page for foreigners.

 There you can find some information about our services offering to juridical and individual persons from different countries.


In General

  If you have some business or private interests in Republic of Moldova, our group of lawyers can offer you all kinds of juridical services on our country.

 Do you have some problems in Moldova with controlling organizations and you want to dispute that problems in court? We can say with confidence that you find good support and assistance. If you'll turn to our consulting group you'll have full complex of consulting services from our partnership companies: audit, estimation property, creating business plans and many others.


   Juridical consulting on hotline (phone/viber/WhatsApp)  +(373) 799-333-24 or you can send your questions by e-mail: cozma@advocatmoldova.com 
  or skype: serghei.cozma

  • Preparation establishing documents for registration juridical persons in Moldova.
  • Consulting in getting licences, composition agreements. Introducing in court.
  • Juridical accomponation of your business and many others.
  • Professional legal consultations in:
  • Commitment (contractual) Law;
  • Litigations;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Economic Law;
  • Banking  and Insurance Law;
  • Currency Regulation Law;
  • Foreign Investment Law;
  • International Trade Law;
  • Taxation of non residents income, originating from the Republic of Moldova;
  • Public/Constitutional Law;
  • Protection of intellectual property, copyright;
  • Legak services for IT companies
  • Protection and registration of trademarks;
  • Customs Regulations;
  • Immigration Law;
  • Debt collections;
  • Trust management;
  • Free case evaluation by attorney. For this service fill our form. Click here.

   Tax planing of your business (Tax planing of your business does not mean concealing your income or operating illegally). Tax planing is a complex of legal measures used for the purpose of minimizing expenses in connection with the standard methods and we will help you.


Support of your financial and economic activities


  If you don't wish to make the routine steps of your business organization, if the business structure used by you is sophisticated and requires everyday legal control, our consulting group is ready to make such steps of its implementation  as preparation and registration of the documents on tranzaction, representing your interests in official bodies, your bank, in the customs, court, etc.
   In addition, our U.S. company "Sergei Cozma Law Firm» (registered in Los Angeles, California) have the official representative office in the Republic of Moldova, which allows us to represent your interests in the U.S., Europe and CIS.
We are ready to realize, what we offer and your order.

lawyer in Moldova and Chisinau

Serghei Cozma Law Firm

Address in USA:

Serghei Cozma Law Firm – Legal services in Moldova Chisinau
1146 N. Central Ave, # 651, Glendale, Los Angeles



                                                                     Address in Republic of Moldova:

MD-2001, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau,

str. Bulgara, 31 A

Phone/viber/WhatsApp/hangouts/telegram: +(373) 799-333-24

skype: serghei.cozma



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адвокат молдова кишинев law voldova chisinau
адвокат молдова кишинев law moldova chisinau