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You may not like your lawyer, but does that really mean that you have a claim for ineffective assistance of counsel? What is "ineffective counsel" anyway, legally speaking?

   First off, there's a difference between the legal terms ineffective assistance of counsel and legal malpractice. The two can go hand in hand, but a malpractice claim is one where a client sues his lawyer for falling below the standard of legal ...

judge, law, court,So you’ve prepared for court and you’ve got all of your legal ducks in a row. Then the day comes that you find yourself standing before the judge. Justice will be served this day, and your client will be in awe of your legal prowess! But before you open your mouth to say “may it please the court,” the judge launches into a...

We’ve all the seen the TV Commercials. “I’m so & so, and I’ll fight hard for you.”  When a politician makes an analogous assertion, there are a number o...

The US legal system has changed dramatically over the past 100 years. These legal cases are some of the most influential cases that have impacted and shaped our legal system . In many states, lawyers are litigating cases based on these legal cases. Check the historic legal cases across the country in this interactive infographic.

If you've ever hired a lawyer, you may have been staggered by the costs involved. Why do lawyers cost so much?

1. Does the attorney handle his/her own litigation cases? If an attorney is truly going to “fight hard for ...the attorney will litigate your case when necessary, which means take your case to arbitration and/or trial. A case may need to be litigated for ...

...fair opportunity to present their case. I had the privilege of working as a law clerk for one such judge. I was proud to have served ...impact the outcome of your case. Don’t be too proud to ask other lawyers about their professional experiences with a particular judge.

...a piecemeal fashion as the case proceeds can negatively impact the way in which parties are able to present their cases, and often leads to increased ...the proceeding to promote effective case management. In doing so, the ICC Commission on Arbitration encourages parties and their counsel to look at case management from ...

...lot van babysitting is a case study in how government can go wrong, and how the democratic process has been damaged over the past few decades....was to take up the case in federal court, in essence suing the federal government in its own courtrooms—a daunting task for a twenty one ...

...Debt collections; Trust management; Free case evaluation by attorney. For this service fill our form. Click here. Tax planing of your business (Tax planing of your ...
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...to tou why the court case takes too long from your perspective? What can be done to speed things up, if at all?...actively involved in investigating the case and may address questions to the parties, carry out enquiries, decide upon the necessity of particular evidence and invoke procedural ...

...for appeal in a criminal case. Basically, if you're in a criminal case and your attorney's mistakes or incompetence were the reason you lost ...

...thing that will hurt your case, perhaps even fatally. It is smarter to save your defense for your lawyer. 2. Don’t run.... I saw a case where a passenger being driven home by a drunk friend bolted and ran. Why? It was the driver they wanted, ...

In this case, as a rule, for the purposes of taxation, digital currency is considered as an intangible asset or commodity, and not ...leave this business; in the case of making payments in digital currencies, the consumer will not have rights to return funds within the framework of European ...

...bill more hours to a case than necessary. I was unable to get him to stick with the practice of law.... In my case, even when my wife was not already asleep by the time I got home, instead of appreciating the little time ...

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