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Much has changed since July 2012, when, in reaching out for a European Union (EU)-funded bailout, the Cypriot Government resolutely denied the possibility of a hike to its prized 10% corporate income tax rate. Cypriot authorities' obstinate refusal to accept an earlier bailout, when the stakes were lower, led to a rude awakening for Cypriot taxpayers Saturday morning (March 16) with news not only of a symbolic hike to the island's co...

IFC provides investments and advisory services to build the private sector in developing countries.

This week it was reported (*) that the European Commission was investigating some southern EU nations to see if they had unfairly and illegally allowed banks to count deferred tax assets towards their capital. What does this mean and what does it tell us about bank financial strength?

The lower house of the Swiss Parliament rejected a bill allowing Swiss banks to provide information on their foreign clients on request of U.S. tax authorities.

The Cypriot bail-out has sent further shockwaves through the periphery of the eurozone. Ordinary EU citizens are waking up to the reality that their savings could end up as the target of their governments' desperate attempts to recapitalise their ailing banking industries.

...запугиваний стал швейцарский банк Cornèr Bank. Как стало известно банк намерен выдать правительству США имя швейцарского адвоката, который занимался делами американских клиентов. Cornèr Bank является уже не первой жертвой ...

We can assess bank strength by asking two questions. First, how reliable are its assets? That is equivalent to saying, what is the risk ...is, how much of the bank’s funding is from equity capital, as opposed to debt or deposits? This is equivalent to saying, if the bank ...

IFC provides investments and advisory services to build the private sector in developing countries.

Currently in Republic of Moldova are existing only press releases of the National Bank of Moldova, which recommended that citizens of the country have to refrain from using cryptocurrencies and not accept cryptocurrencies as ...the Law “on the National Bank of Moldova”, “Banks and Banking Activity”, Moldavian leu (MDL) is the only legal tender in the entire territory of the ...

...smash and grab tax on bank deposits. Shortly after the announcement in the early hours of March 16 that a deal had been hammered out with ...Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the EU, Cypriot lawmakers were assembled to rush through legislation in an attempt to install the levy before Tuesday, ...

...out, long standing traditions of bank deposit secrecy may lead to a political crisis in Switzerland, on which the European Union also has strong pressure, linked ... Supreme Court ordered the Swiss bank Wegelin & Co to pay the U.S. government a fine of $ 58 million after admission of guilt of not preventing ...

...institutions and to align national bank recovery schemes across Europe. Proposed directive in brief While some EU member states have taken matters into their own hands, such as the Investment Bank Special Administration Regulations 2011 in ...

...Association, Trust, Trustee, Underground Railway, Bank, Insurance, Assurance, Reinsurance, Fund Management, Asset Management, and Investment Fund, а также их эквиваленты на других языках требуют соглашения или ...

...interests in official bodies, your bank, in the customs, court, etc. In addition, our U.S. company "Sergei Cozma Law Firm» (registered in Los Angeles, California) ...
Страницы сайта - 2021-01-23 15:19:24

...the Postal Office to the bank. Since the bank just closed for the weekend, my business partner and I, along with some of our employees, had ...

...brother in law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all four cows back, with ...

...shall be deposited in the bank to fund the amount (minimum amount is 5 400 MDL). Deadline for registration is 5 days from the date of ...

...shall be deposited in the bank to fund the amount (minimum amount is 5 400 MDL). Deadline for registration is 5 days from the date of ...

...of companies and opening of bank accounts are prepared to turn a blind eye to who is the owner of a business.

...лиц Российской Федерации» (the personal bank for senior officials of the Russian Federation) и крупных российских бизнесменов, которых сочли связанными деловыми отношениями с президентом В.В.

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