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    Summary : As an attorney, your first priority must be your health, then your job, then your family and personal life. Make sure you keep your priorities in this order or you will fail.

    judge, law, court,So you’ve prepared for court and you’ve got all of your legal ducks in a row. Then the day comes that you find yourself standing before the judge. Justice will be served this day, and your client will be in awe of your legal prowess! But before you open your mouth to say “may it please the court,” the judge launches into a...

    We’ve all the seen the TV Commercials. “I’m so & so, and I’ll fight hard for you.”  When a politician makes an analogous assertion, there are a number o...

    What you need to open an LLC in Moldova

    Report titled "Towards Basic Justice Care for Everyone: Challenges and Promising Approaches" issued by the Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law!

    Washington, Attorney and Counselor posted in Ann Arbor Drunk Driving Attorney on Friday, With more consumers going online to find attorneys, it ...

    Does the attorney handle his/her own litigation cases? If an attorney is truly going to “fight hard for you,” then it is ...

    ...you a few examples of “attorney meltdown” stories I encountered just last week... On Saturday, my wife and I went out for dinner with some attorney couples I know.

    ...important characteristic of a good attorney is a clear, honest, and appropriate fee structure. For one, you'll want to make sure that the price of the attorney is worth the case.

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    ...management; Free case evaluation by attorney. For this service fill our form. Click here. Tax planing of your business (Tax planing of your business does not ...
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    ...such as choosing the right attorney and doing some of the leg work up front. Additionally, while having a solid understanding of the type of legal ...good working relationship with your attorney and, in turn, help your bottom line. Below are six ways to lower your legal fees and reduce the overall ...

    ...a criminal case and your attorney's mistakes or incompetence were the reason you lost your case, you can try to bring this issue on appeal.... In general, your criminal defense attorney should make key legal decisions after consulting with you. This means that your lawyer should lay out the pros and ...

    ...homework, but choosing the right attorney can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in legal fees. Why? Because for starters, you'll be involved ...need to hire a new attorney mid way through the representation.)Secondly, the choice to hire a solo practitioner or small law firm lawyer can often ...

    For registration by an attorney representative is required the power of attorney from the founder (individual or legal person).

    For registration by an attorney representative is required the power of attorney from the founder (individual or legal person).

    (Additional tip: Have your attorney present at the closing. It costs money, but it’s worth it.) Mistake #4: Using cheap legal forms available on ...Agreement drafted by an able attorney; you may not get it, but the act of asking shows you mean business. Once created, intellectual property requires plenty ...

    With an attorney, you can perhaps surrender after bail arrangements are made and spend NO time in custody while your case is pending....be silent and let the attorney handle it later. The bottom line is that if the police have enough evidence to arrest, they will.

    ...behind the scenes considerations the attorney made in coming to a conclusion. •Access to legal research tools. Most lawyers access cases, opinions, and statutes through the ...

    ...kinds of documentation, powers of attorney, business agreements in binding, currently enforced contracts, assets, liabilities, repayment structure of debt if any, etc.

    ...a quick side note, my attorney in this case also suggested that the investigators were probably quite happy to be in the city of San Diego ...

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